There are many ways to bless others with the gifts God has given you.

  • Serving as a volunteer at our local church
  • Giving money towards an Outreach in the community
  • Providing for others in need
  • Much more…

No matter how you serve your community, God sees it as an act of worship. As many of you know there are so many needs around us.

Volunteers for many ministries here at First Assembly. We are continually working on our Outreaches in the community. Also, providing for others needs, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Today I want to focus on the “Blessing Boxes of Shenango Valley”. These boxes are around our community and more is in the works to be installed. When on Facebook you can see the boxes do not stay full long. So if your pantry is “full” or you see a really good deal at the store; think about taking some items to the one closest to you. If you Google “Blessing Boxes” you will find one closest to you. You can also follow them on Facebook to find out which ones are the ones where there is the biggest needs.

We know someone who is not doing a good as the next person. But we are seeing many in the community in a real need.

Here is the link to their Facebook Page. Lets get together and serve our community.

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